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Siamo una società specializzata nella riparazione meccanica ed elettronica di motori marini ed industriali, invertitori, trasmissioni trimmabili e gruppi elettrogeni, sia per la parte meccanica che per la parte elettrica.


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Indirizzo: Casarza Ligure (GE)
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Marine Power Technology  srl

Dal 2009

about us

MPT SRL is a company specialized in mechanical and electronic repair of marine and industrial engines, gearboxes , trim propulsion drive and power generators

The company has been founded  in 2009 by members Raffaele Gargiulo and arco Dani, both technicians with long experience and great ability in the repair of propulsion systems for pleasure craft  and fast ferries

It has therefore grown,  increasing its staff and aiming to train its staff

Today the company has a staff of mechatronic technicians of great professional abilities able to deal any kind of problem on power pack of sophisticated modern vessel and genset

The MPT staff is constantly updated with theoretical-practical course and informative stage at the companies manufacture

The MPT is currently known and appreciated in the national and international nautical world as a well equipped and technically advanced workshop: a safe and reliable point of support